Smiling Steve

Image of Smiling Steve, co-founder of Society of Guest Speakers

Steven Peter Burke —known online as Smiling Steve— is an experienced public speakier and trainer who has spoken to over 2,500 audiences in 45 years as an entrepreneur. From being on stage at live events, to webinars and teleconference calls, he has been there and done that.

He is also an experienced entrepreneur who has been featured in newsstand magazines, including on one cover. From online marketing to joint venture marketing to SEO to sales to direct selling, he is one of the most skilled business people you will ever meet.

The Rabbi Who Got Rich on Sunday

A picture of Dave Felsenthal who is The Rabbi who Got Rich on Sunday

David Felsenthal is The Rabbi Who Got Rich on Sunday. Almost every Sunday he releases a new episode of his podcast that is designed to help people in business to reach their goals.