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Anyone in the know would tell you that, even a decade ago, the name Society of Guest Speakers would’ve seemed quite strange as a choice for a business name. It would have been odd indeed, until very recently.

Of course, now it is perfect because of YouTube shows and Podcasts that hope they can get a guest speaker will an existing following.

After all, if the guest will put out the event to their followers, it attracts more followers to the show they are speaking on.

Of course, the opposite is also true. And that is what makes this guest speaker thing a true win-win.

In reality, both the show and the guest speaker end up with a portion of each other’s audiences. It is a free and easy method of promoting for both parties.

Even authors need to get on shows to promote themselves. Some of them don’t know why they need a show of their own. But I digress.

The real reason why things have changed is the proliferation of shows (YouTube channels and Podcasts) and webinars that need guest speakers and trainers. Fifteen years ago, they did not exist.

If you can entertain and train, you got it made!

What are the numbers of searches, and why are they happening? The why is simple; there are a lot of amateur podcasters and YouTubers that need guest speakers. The numbers follow.

There would have been very few searches for speakers back when all of this started, but today, even in the U.S. alone, there are 2,400 searches that are looking for guest speakers every month.

To put this into perspective, public speaker was only searched 14,800 times a month (in the U.S.), and the related term to guest speaker, which is podcast guest, is only searched 720 times a month on average.

That is why we knew that whatever we called ourselves, the phrase guest speaker needed to be in the name.

Of course, we see many issues with how shows and training events (like Zoom events) are conducted. And that is why we started this Society and the website that goes with it. We knew we could do it better.

To provide services to those with content creators looking for speakers and to those who wanted to be booked on shows, we knew we needed missions and services that supported those missions. We also knew that certain things should be free

The three missions of the Society of Guest Speakers

Two of these three look like they are duplicates, but they are not, as you will soon see:

  1. Finding & Booking; obviously, we help those looking for guest speakers find what they are after using smart technology on this site that makes their search easier.
  2. Making speakers more attractive; there are many speakers out there that know what they are talking about but are clueless about sound quality and how to use some speaking tricks. Training and educating them is one of the things we do that also enhances the appeal of this site to those who need to find a guest speaker. For when they do, those speakers will be better at their craft.
  3. And making speakers more attractive; again, a significant minority of speakers know their topic and are real experts in their field, yet don’t know much about how to market themselves. We can help them in an incomparable way. 

Take mission #2 above, which could have been called TRAINING. How many organizations exist that can train people on how to be better guest speakers and how to run a better show, have a sound engineer as a co-founder?

Now you will be wondering why they don’t!

Training people is key. If they are better at what they do, it will reflect on us too. More importantly, it will make this website the go-to place online to find speakers, for each of them will need to audition to be included.


The Competition in the guest speaker ‘space’