This image shows a microphone with the words; Society of Guest Speakers

'Society of Guest Speakers'

Anyone in the know will tell you that, even a decade ago, Society of Guest Speakers would’ve been an odd name choice. Not any longer!

Now, it is perfect because of the sheer number of Webinars, YouTube shows, and Podcasts that stand to benefit from an occasional guest speaker, especially if they are good (and free).

What’s in it for the registered speakers at the Society of Guest Speakers? Free exposure to a group of followers they don’t know.

For the speaker, it’s a little like singing for your super, in that good speakers attract an additional audience without paying for an ad. After referrals, nothing compares.

In reality, both the show and the guest speaker end up with a portion of each other’s audiences. Why? Because the speaker agrees to announce that they will be a guest on the show. Since the speaker has a reputation with their followers, some of the speaker’s loyal followers will check out the show.

It is a free and easy method of promoting for both parties.

Authors are in the same boat. If they want to promote their book(s), they can advertise or get invited to speak on shows as guest speakers.

Fifteen years ago, the current potential of the guest-speaking industry was not even a glimmer in the eyes of all those who have become content creators!

If you can inform or entertain, getting followers is easy. You’ve got it made!

The Society of Guest Speakers is the brainchild of our founder, Steven Peter Burke (known online as Smiling Steve). He saw the potential of building a massive database of content creators and speakers who needed each other.

The idea was simple. Yet, no other site is set up to feature free services, like show and speaker listings, and free training on why guest speaking works for both shows and speakers. 

This website and the guest speaker listings are free and always will be. We do have services, but a listing is not one of them.

No one will ever contact you from the Society of Guest Speakers asking you for a fee to renew your listing.