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The Guest Speakers listed here are excellent, and they are not motivated by speaking fees. Why? Because just like you, they are building an audience. The chance to attract a small percentage of your followers is more than enough compensation for them to put on a show at your event or on your channel!

If you have speaking experience and expertise in your niche, plus a desire to attract more followers, being an unpaid guest on established podcasts, shows on YouTube, or special webinars (etc.) is what you need. Why? Because some of the people in those audiences will hear you, like what you say & follow you.

What this website offers, in effect, is free advertising. You will get guest speaking gigs on shows to help you attract new followers, subs (subscribers), or members.

Complete your speaker application with links to sample recordings of you speaking. Once we have vetted your information, you will be accepted and listed on this site as a guest speaker. Then people with shows that need great content can find the unique point of you that only you can provide!

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Featured Guest Speakers

A picture of Smiling Steve and Lea Greenwood at a charity speaking event

Smiling Steve


Lea Greenwood

Smiling Steve’s profile & Lea Greenwood’s profile (coming soon)

A picture of Dave Felsenthal who is The Rabbi who Got Rich on Sunday

The Rabbi who Got Rich on Sunday

David Felsenthal’s profile

This is a photo of Kristian Hickson-Booth, a guest speaker with Society of Gueest Speakers

Garden Like a Master

Kristian Hickson-Booth’s guest speaker profile

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